Swim Ulster Gala a huge success for Newry swimmers

Sunday 19th June saw Swim Ulster return to Newry Leisure for their annual Summer Festival and as the gala was on their home ground the Newry swimmers turned out in force for this festival style gala. After a hugely successful season the home team were out to show worth and enjoy the fun.

Young Catriona Sneddon having celebrated her birthday the day before, celebrated further by getting a coveted division 2 time in the 100m freestyle and also nailing the 3 qualifying times required to take her further along the competitive pathway. Keven Mc Stay, a newcomer to the world of swimming, grabbed his first qualifying time in the 100m breast stroke.

The Newry swimmers came away from the gala with what seemed like a lorry load of medals to their delight and the delight of their coaches. Another fantastic weekend for the Newry club.