After the long year of training a trip to Limerick on the 1st weekend of July was the focus for a small team of swimmers from Newry and Mourne. Having really worked hard to achieve the necessary times to attend this gala along with some of the best swimmers in the country the team of 3 were ready to put themselves forward for their club.

Friday kicked off with young Rachel Kelly in the 200 freestyle where despite stiff competition she secured a place in the final. John Moan swam the 100 back crawl and knocked a further 5 seconds off his qualifying time and also bagged a division 2 time for the 2017 competition. Saturday saw Rachel back on the blocks again, this time joined by Ben O’ Kane. Rachel took part in the 100m butterfly and again secured a place in the final. She raced home, taking over 15 seconds off her time, to collect a bronze medal and also bagged a division 2 time for the 2017 competition. Ben was in equally good form knocking almost 9 seconds off his time in the 400 freestyle. Sunday saw John back on the blocks again this time in the 100 freestyle. Again John put in a blistering performance taking a further 3 seconds off his personal best time.

Despite such a small team making the journey, Newry and Mourne have proved yet again that they are a team very much on the up.